Panel A1: Crisis Literature

Dr Christopher Hartley
Joseph Rollins

Panel A2: Popular Fiction and Creative Writing
Naomi Richards
Val Derbyshire

Panel A3: Pop Art and Pop Culture
Alexander Abichou
Carmen Thong

Panel B1: Crises of Culture and Capital in Mexico
Dr Mara Polgovsky
Andrés Bustamante

Panel B2: Cultural Logic of Capitalism
Dr Benjamin Pickford
Dominic Jaeckle

Panel B3: Personal and National Identities
Kirstin Smith
Guy Bud

Panel C1: Capitalist Conditions
Dr Kim Charnley
Dr Adrian May
Daisy Dixon

Panel C2: Varieties of the Real
Nathaniel Zetter
Jack Belloli
Gary Zhexi Zhang

Panel C3: Athens in Crisis
Dr Eva Fotiadi
Georgia Vavva
Yair Barak

Panel D1: The Art Market
Giacomo Bazzani
Sercan Hazma Baglama

Panel D2: Death Capital
Amy Bride
Steven Beckett

Panel D3: Rebranding Finance
Carl-Georg Luft
Sadiq Almaged