all events are in CRASSH, room SG1-2 unless otherwise stated


Friday 29th April 2016


9.00-9.30:        Registration



Opening Address: Professor Steven Connor (University of Cambridge)


10.00-10.30:    Coffee


10.30-12.00:    Panel 1: Art, Money, and Utopia

Chair: Professor Peter de Bolla (Cambridge)

Professor Nigel Dodd (LSE): They blew up the Bank of England, the paper burnt for days

Professor Max Haiven (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design): Art and money request your participation: From benign pessimism to the encrypted commons


12.00-13.00:    Lunch


13.00-14.30:    Panel 2: Sacrifice, Labour, and Culture

Chair: Professor Steven Connor (University of Cambridge)

Professor Nicky Marsh (University of Southampton): Finding Pynchon’s Dorothy: gender, sacrifice and crisis

Professor Leigh Claire La Berge (BMCC, CUNY): Wages Against Artwork: The Social Practice of Decommodification

14.30-15.00:    Coffee


15.00-16.00:    Researcher Panels (A)


Panel A1: Crisis Literature (abstracts)

CRASSH, SG1-2, Chair: Josie O’Donoghue

Dr Christopher Hartley (University of Oxford): ‘We see the nation’s credit crack’d’: Three Hundred Years of Crisis Literature

Joe Rollins (University of York): Stable Markets, Unstable Selves: Suburban Crisis in 1990s America


Panel A2: Popular Fiction and Creative Writing (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-04, Chair: Eric Tippin

Naomi Richards (Lancaster University): The Dance of the Page and the Pound

Val Derbyshire (University of Sheffield): Reading Romance in Turbulent Times


Panel A3: Pop Art and Pop Culture (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-05, Chair: Mathilde Sergent

Alexander Abichou (Durham University): Pop Art as the New Migrant Experience in Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room and Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood

Carmen Thong (University of Oxford): Uncool Narrative


16.00-16.15:    Short break


16.15-17.45:    Panel 3: Sociology and Crisis 

Chair: Dr Richard Bramwell (University of Cambridge)

Dr Peter Webb (University of Cambridge): The DIY milieu and alternative models of organization through music cultures

Dr Mark Fisher (Goldsmiths, University of London): Popular Modernism Against the Contemporary


17.45-18.45:    Researcher Panels (B)


Panel B1: Crises of Culture and Capitalism in Mexico (abstracts)

CRASSH, SG1-2, Chair: Nehaal Bajwa

Dr Mara Polgovsky (University of Cambridge): Huecos: Housing Developments in Mexico’s Suburbs and the Wounds of Finance-led Architecture

Andrés Bustamante (University of Cambridge): ‘They will never loot us again!’: Art Repatriation and the Rhetoric of Looting in Mexico’s 1982 Economic Crisis


Panel B2: Cultural Logic of Capitalism (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-04, Chair: Hunter Dukes

Dr Benjamin Pickford (University of Nottingham) and Dominic Jaeckle (Goldsmiths, University of London): Ralph Waldo Emerson, Literature, and Circularity (collaborative presentation of two papers)


Panel B3: Personal and National Identities (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-05, Chair: Jack Belloli

Kirstin Smith (Queen Mary, University of London): An Advertisement Dead or Alive: Financial Crisis as Bodily Spectacle in 1890s New York

Guy Bud (University of Oxford): Minting a New Order: Crisis in Coinage and Nationalism in German occupied Europe, 1940-1945


19.30:              Conference Dinner

Delegates are warmly invited to attend the conference dinner, to be held at The Punter. A sign up sheet will be sent around in early April.


Saturday 30th April


9.30-11.00:      Researcher Panels (C)


Panel C1: Capitalist Conditions (abstracts)

CRASSH, SG1-2, Chair: Alice Bamford

Dr Kim Charnley (Plymouth College of Art): The Expansion of the Artworld as a Symptom of Capitalist Crisis: A Thought Experiment

Dr Adrian May (University of Cambridge): Alienation and Affect: Crisis in Capitalism and Contemporary Art in France

Daisy Dixon (University of Cambridge): Art and Action: The Illocutionary Force of Art


Panel C2: Varieties of the Real (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-04, Chair: Graham Riach

Nathaniel Zetter (University of Cambridge): Gaming at Work: Sports Video Games and the Production of Artificial Stability in Times of Crisis

Jack Belloli (University of Cambridge): ‘Isn’t it called craft?’: On the Resistant Materials of World Factory

Gary Zhexi Zhang (University of Cambridge): The Aesthetics of Derealisation: Contemporary Art Since 2008


Panel C3: Athens in Crisis (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-05, Chair: Sarah Rabinowe

Dr Eva Fotiadi (Free University Berlin): From Artistic Exodus to Gentrification from Below: Omonoia Square in the Greek Art World’s Political Imaginary of Resistance to the Crisis

Georgia Vavva (Royal Holloway, University of London): ‘The crisis has been great for music, but not for the musicians’: Professional Music Making in Recession Athens

Yair Barak (Tel-Aviv University): History Zero: The Greek Pavillion at the 2013 Venice Biennale


11.00-11.30:    Coffee


11.30-13.00:    Panel 4: Opposition / Theory / Action

Chair: Dr Tatiana Thieme (UCL)

Flo6x8: A methodology for political art: Dr Lucia Sell-Trujillo (Universidad de Sevilla) and Dr Francisco Aix-Gracia (Universidad Pablo de Olivade)

Financial Empires of Oil versus the Commons: Jim Costanzo (Aaron Burr Society, Occupy Museums, Strike Debt)


13.00-14.00:    Lunch


14.00-15.30:    Panel 5: Popular Unrest

English Faculty, Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio

Chair: Jeremy Hardingham

Tanya Singh

Melanie Gilligan (Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm)

Joy Harris (Edinburgh College of Art): Vanishing Discotecas (Vanishing Dance Clubs)


15.30-16.00:    Coffee


16.00-17.30:    Panel 6: Poetry and Crisis

Chair: Dr Alex Houen (University of Cambridge)

Professor Christopher Nealon (Johns Hopkins University): Some Militancies

Professor Keston Sutherland (University of Sussex): ‘The meat hinge of a unified system’: chaperoned by a blizzard of mince


17.30-18.30:    Researcher Panels (D)


Panel D1: The Art Market (abstracts)

CRASSH, SG1-2, Chair: Sarah Rabinowe

Giacomo Bazzani (Universities of Florence and Turin): Artistic Practices After and Outside the Naturalisation Market

Sercan Hazma Baglama (Durham University): Reality and Fiction: Migration, Atomisation and Social Isolation in The Lonely Londoners


Panel D2: Death Capital (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-04, Chair: Jack Belloli

Amy Bride (University of Manchester): Zombies and Financial Crisis: Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead

Steven Beckett (Durham University): ‘The Recession was Only the Beginning’: Economic Dystopia in Delilah Dawson’s Hit


Panel D3: Rebranding Finance (abstracts)

English Faculty, GR-05, Chair: Nehaal Bajwa

Carl-Georg Luft (University of the German Federal Armed Forces): Can Art Save my Life?

Sadiq Almaged (Swansea University): Rebranding Finance: A Corpus Linguistics Analysis of British Political Party Speeches


20.00:              Poetry Reading (Open event, arranged by Dr Alex Houen, Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio)